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Bubble icon Choose this online software to visually design a mobile or a web application, inside an intuitive drag and drop interface and without typing code.

Bubble is a web-based solution that lets you build applications visually, without having any prior coding experience. It hosts all software on its cloud platform and provides a series of interactive lessons, tutorial videos that explain how to create an app, as well as a comprehensive user manual.

You have the opportunity of starting directly to build an application and access the documentation resources later on if considering you can handle it without preliminary help. Choose a name for the app and explore the collection of templates made by professional designers or visual programmers to see if any of them matches your needs.

The online software relies on many different concept and areas in its editor for creating a new application. The first one is the “Design” tab, and it enables you to draw the visual aspect of the app. It offers a variety of elements, containers and input forms, such as buttons, images, shapes, popups or checkboxes, that you must drag to insert on the page. Double-clicking any of them reveals the properties editor, where you may customize its appearance.

The “Workflow” section is the place where you define how the app behaves when users interact with it. Redirect them to another page when pressing a particular button or select any other event to trigger a series of actions.

An app has two different versions: the one you work on, called “Development,” and the one internet users have access to, named “Live.” Press on the “Preview” option placed on the upper right side of the window to display the app how users get to experience it.

The platform’s interface also integrates the “Data” area, that has the purpose of managing the data generated by users when exploiting the app, while the “Styles” panel lets you define the visual properties. In the “Plugins” you may expand the functionality of the app by installing and configuring other elements.

Bottom Line

Bubble is a browser-based software enabling you to design mobile and web applications without typing any code. It has an intuitive editor divided into various sections where you can define the appearance and the behavior of your apps. In addition to that, it includes a series of learning modules to help you get started and find out how to save data, build a sign-up system, create a picture slideshow, send data to various pages, use conditions or deploy the chart element to display dynamic data.

Included in the free version

  • Core platform features
  • "Built with Bubble!" branding
  • Community support

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Bubble was reviewed by Radu Bogdan on Aug 22nd, 2018
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