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Opera VPN icon Opera VPN is an excellent tool for mobile devices that lets users emulate a different location.

Many of you know that some online content is restricted and can’t be accessed from all regions, so a VPN is a perfect solution for this problem. If you have a video on Youtube that says you’re in the wrong region, you might be able to bypass it with this impressive tool.

Opera VPN is a very easy to use application, and anyone can install it. Users only have to select the geographical region that they want to emulate and star the service. Once the confirmation has been provided, you’re golden.

VPN services can also be used to bypass certain domain blocking, or to keep the user anonymous as they surf the Internet.

  For more information on downloading Opera VPN to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Activate the VPN with little to no effort
  • Choose the region you want to emulate
  • Auto-boot at restart is supported

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