Flawless Changelog

What's new in Flawless 0.9.2

October 4th, 2018
  • New:
  • Got rid of required iOS Simulator Reboot for using Flawless App. Now you don't have to lose your running debug session anymore.
  • Rewrote a Comparison Modes UI control to make it more reliable and bring delightful animations in place.
  • Added a long-awaited click-through feature in Overlay Comparison Mode. Just transparency to 0% and interact with the Simulator as you’d normally do. Fixes
  • Improved Comparison Modes and other parts of the UI
  • Increased reliability of iOS Simulator status listener

New in Flawless 0.9 Build 23 (September 5th, 2018)

  • New:
  • Added "No iOS Simulator Launched" empty state for convenience. So you can start iOS Simulator right from Flawless App.
  • Fixes:
  • Increased stability of general navigation flow across the galaxy and beyond
  • Fixed a number of stability issues with floating window
  • Fixed memory related issues in the application

New in Flawless 0.8.7 Build 22 (August 18th, 2018)

  • New:
  • Added a deep link capabilities to launch app from the web browser
  • Fixes:
  • Removed old Onboarding process from the first application launch
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

New in Flawless 0.8.6 Build 21 (August 2nd, 2018)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed minor iOS Simulator discoverability issues.
  • Overall fixes and stability improvements

New in Flawless 0.8.5 Build 20 (May 25th, 2018)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed crash while selecting a design file and using voice over simultaneously.
  • Fixed parsing issue of some Sketch files with invalid internal properties.
  • Fixed a Measurement mode for landscape designs. Now the selection box will appear in the correct place if you're using landscape designs or the iOS simulator is in the landscape orientation mode.
  • Fixed a state-related issue with "Remove All" button. Sometimes it was visible when there are no designs selected.
  • Fixed layout issue related to "Remove All" button and progress bar for dynamic design generation / animated screenshot capture.

New in Flawless 0.8.4 Build 19 (April 30th, 2018)

  • New:
  • Introducing "Measurement Mode". Now you can measure sizes of UI elements on design right inside iOS simulator. Just Drag the selection box in the area you want to measure and Flawless App will automatically define the edges and tell you the real size of the selected region. By using a line tool you can measure a distance between any UI elements on the design. Just tap on the design on the simulator and Flawless App will figure out the distance between nearest elements.
  • Finally added "Remove All" button to remove all selected designs.
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed a phantom crash when the user tries to select files via interface instead of drag and drop on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed an issue when the user tries to select a folder via the interface
  • Fixed occasional app hang on macOS 10.12 if Command Line Tool path was different from current Xcode version

New in Flawless 0.8.3 Build 18 (April 10th, 2018)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed determination of currently active iOS simulator device if device bezels are enabled.
  • Removed legacy iOS simulator properties handling. Fixed issue where some user could not find active simulator even though it was enabled/active.
  • Fixed Sketch file parsing crash on macOS 10.12 and earlier.

New in Flawless 0.8.2 Build 17 (April 2nd, 2018)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed major issues on macOS 10.13+
  • Fixed issue with a comparison on iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) and iPad Pro (9.7-inch).
  • Fixed parsing issues of Sketch files created with latest Sketch 49.
  • Fixed "Follow simulator visibility" issue if using floating window instead of menu bar popover.
  • Fixed animated screenshot capture if the iOS simulator is in the landscape orientation.
  • Improvements:
  • Improved animated screenshot capture. Now each simulator has personalized frame rate. And if the system is overheated Flawless App will adjust frame rate accordingly.
  • Changed Animated screenshot capture icon to "camera icon" instead of a weird rectangle.
  • Improved text readability on Onboarding screens.

New in Flawless 0.8 Build 16 (December 1st, 2017)

  • New:
  • Dynamic design generation for Sketch file. Select a Sketch file with designs and “resizing rules” specified by the designer. Flawless App will automatically figure out what iOS simulator you’re running (iPhone 7, iPhone 5 etc) and resize design appropriately.

New in Flawless 0.7.2 Build 15 (November 17th, 2017)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed comparison issue for some users when Flawless App constantly showed "Simulator app is active but there is no window" error. Because of the error in Xcode Flawless App could not find booted simulator. Now this case should be handled properly.
  • Fixed issue during onboarding when the user tries to select design via an interface (not via drag and drop) after Onboarding process.

New in Flawless 0.7.1 Build 14 (November 15th, 2017)

  • New Features:
  • Share results of design & implementation comparison with your team. Now you can capture the GIF of comparison right from the simulator and share it with designers, QAs or other developers. So you can prove to the designer that your implementation is really flawless.
  • Updated onboarding, which will help your teammates easily start using Flawless App. We’ve also included example design file in the onboarding process. So even if you don’t have design files under fingertips you can see Flawless App in action right away.
  • Compare your implementation with Zeplin designs. To select designs from Zeplin macOS client, just drag & drop them to Flawless App. That simple.

New in Flawless 0.7 Build 13 (October 26th, 2017)

  • Compare design & implementation on multiple simulators! Thanks to Xcode 9 you can launch multiple iOS simulators and Flawless App supports it. Choose different screens and spot visual bugs even faster!
  • Compare implementations with GIFs. Now you can check designs in GIF format right inside iOS simulator. You can also pause/resume GIF to check specific state. Working with animations became easier!
  • Force Flawless App to follow iOS simulator window visibility state. So every time simulator come up front – Flawless App will be visible as well. And when a simulator's window loses the focus – Flawless App will be hidden.
  • Improved general comparison stability and other bug fixes.

New in Flawless 0.6.5 Build 12 (August 1st, 2017)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed parsing of the huge Sketch files. Now you can import Sketch files bigger than 30 Mb. (finally!)
  • Added tracking of the wrong Command Line Tool path in Xcode. Now if you're using wrong Command Line Tool path Flawless App will tell you about it and handle this situation correctly
  • UX improvements in "Correct resolution for selected device" warning message.

New in Flawless 0.6.4 Build 11 (July 25th, 2017)

  • Fixes:
  • Fixed Sketch 44.1 files parsing issue
  • Add ability to select design files which have Unicode symbols
  • Known Issue:
  • For those of you who have some issues with the comparison and constant warning message: comparison is ready! But you’re using using wrong image resolution for (null) try to use {0, 0} or @ 2 x, @ 3 x instead.
  • Don’t worry, we’ve identified the cause of the problem. And we are working on it right now.