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Redcore Linux icon A free and open-source GNU/Linux distribution based on the Gentoo Linux operating system.

Redcore Linux is an open-source and free GNU/Linux distribution based on the famous Gentoo Linux operating system, designed as a continuation of the now deprecated Kogaion Linux distro, which was initially based on Sabayon Linux and later on Gentoo Linux.

Redcore Linux built from Gentoo Linux stage3 with mostly stable and some unstable components. It contains the Linux 4.16 kernel, a bootloader, the OpenRC init system, the Dracut initramfs generator, as well as a Gentoo Linux stage4 if you need a very basic console.

Gentoo Linux for the masses

Redcore Linux aims to follow the same idea as Kogaion Linux, namely to bring the power of Gentoo Linux to the masses. It's fast, easy to install, and gives you a pure Gentoo Linux system in a few minutes without the need to spend a few days compiling a Gentoo Linux system from scratch.

To achieve this goal, Redcore Linux has its own software repository consisting of prebuilt binary packages that are continuously updated as it follows a rolling release model like Gentoo Linux and many other popular GNU/Linux distributions out there, including Arch Linux and openSUSE Linux.

Boot options and supported architectures

The first time you boot Redcore Linux, you're prompted by a reddish boot screen with a few basic boot options that let you boot the live system, choose a different keyboard layout and system language, as well as to access advanced boot options like disabling ACPI or booting in safe graphical mode.

To use the live session when starting Redcore Linux for the first time, you're prompted by a login screen that lets you select a desktop environment and asks for credentials (user: root and password: toor). Like most Linux OSes out there, Redcore Linux is only supported on 64-bit (amd64 / x86_64) architectures.

LXQt or Openbox as default desktop sessions, great software collection

The default desktop environment used by Redcore Linux is the lightweight LXQt, the next-generation LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) fork based on Qt technologies. However, users can also choose to use the even lighter Openbox window manager as default desktop environment.

The default Redcore Linux live session comes with a great software collection that includes the entire LibreOffice office suite, MPV and VLC media players, Falkon web browser, qBittorrent BitTorrent client, GIMP image editor, Inkscape SVG editor, Steam for Linux client, and a bunch of popular KDE apps.

Uses Calamares as default graphical installer

Like many other GNU/Linux distributions out there, Redcore Linux uses the universal installer framework known as Calamares as default graphical installer, which makes installing Redcore Linux a breeze and even offers users advanced options like full-disk encryption.

Bottom line

Redcore Linux is designed for casual laptop or desktop users who want to try Gentoo Linux but don't have the time to compile its sources from scratch. It comes with everything you need for any multimedia, office, gaming, or Internet browsing computer, and even includes a few development oriented tools, but no server stuff.

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Redcore Linux was reviewed by Marius Nestor
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