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Pinnacle Game Profiler icon This software allows you to emulate your keyboard and mouse with your game controller

More and more video games now offer support for game pads and joysticks, especially when it comes to racing simulators, the FIFA series and even some other titles that feel much more natural on a game pad than on the keyboard. The trouble is that not all the computers are capable of efficiently recognizing such a device, or they might not function accordingly when loaded into the game.

Emulate your keyboard with a game controller

Pinnacle Game Profiler comes with a very ingenious solution to this problem, by allowing you to work around this issue using an emulator to trick your computer into thinking that the controller is actually your keyboard or your mouse. Thus, by doing so, you are able to use the game pad in virtually any game, as well as customize its behavior step-by-step, according to your preferences.

In order to do so, you first have to create a gaming profile, which is associated with a specific file or URL. After giving it a custom name and choosing the desired icon to represent it, you can head on and make proper file associations, including the launch, detect and default files. In addition, you also have to define the hook and work paths, by selecting the appropriate folders from your computer.

Customize the profile down to the last detail

What makes the application even more useful is the settings panel, where you can adjust the parameters to be used every time a profile is activated. Hence, it is possible to apply the same profile to all the other executable files in the chosen directory, as well as block the game from reading the controller automatically, in order to avoid incompatibility issues or erroneous commands back and forth from the device.

After the profile is created, it can be saved and kept in a list, where you can add and store multiple configurations for different games. Thanks to this, changing from one profile to another only requires a single click, and you can also import or export them to your computer and backup the documents, or edit them in various other applications capable of reading the resulting file format.

A must-have tool for any gamer

In conclusion, Pinnacle Game Profiler provides you with a very valuable service, which can come in handy with a lot of games that act out when you are trying to use your joystick, or if your computer has trouble detecting it correctly.

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Pinnacle Game Profiler was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
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